Tuesday, December 21, 2010


People are rushing around trying to get their last minute shopping done. Some people are so rude and in such a hurry, they drive like maniacs cutting people off and causing terrible accidents. This past Saturday December 18, 2010 my sister and I were driving down San Tomas Expressway Santa Clara Ca. heading toward El Camino. There is a accident in the two left lanes emergency vehicles are there. I say to my sister in-law “people need to slow down, their speeding like idiots going nowhere fast in traffic”. Well we continue down San Tomas to El Camino, we are in the left lane at the stop light the second car waiting for the light to change. We see this lady in a Jeep Cherokee  at the intersection run into Silver Mazda twice. Hitting it in the back and causing it to spin and hitting it in the front causing it to spin into a parking lot across the street hitting a van. Instead of the lady putting on here brakes she accelerated, through the intersection coming across the medium, hitting the car in front of us moving it like a bowling pin into the other lane causing that car to it another car. We thought that was it but the Cherokee keep coming and smashed into my sisters 1988 300TE Mercedes station wagon and totaling it. If it were not for Isabella that’s what she called her car she would not be here and I would not be here telling this story this. Cars now days are not as sturdy as cars 20 years ago. Thank God we were in Isabella.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Neighborhood Christmas Lights StudyImage by mischiru via Flickr

When I was a child five days before Christmas my parents would gather up my brothers, sisters and I. Put us in the family station wagon, we would drive around San Jose looking at the houses with Christmas displays on the front lawns. This was our family tradition, I took my son, nieces and nephew on theses drive when they were little. I hope they keep the tradition going with their kids.

Here are some of the displays in San Jose 1. 1026 Houghton Court San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95112 2. 1370 Vallejo Dr San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95130 3. 1401 Glacier Dr San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95118 4. 1664 Pinkstone Ct San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95122 5. 1785 Patio Dr San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95125 6. 1851 Cherry Ave San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95125 7. 1925 E. Campbell Ave San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95125 8. 2056 Cirone Way San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95124 9. 2102 Peachtree Ln San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95128 10. 480 Richfield Dr San Jose, Santa Clara County, 95129

If your tried of the crowds at Christmases In The  Parks all over America start a new tradition. Take your kids on a drive in one of the neighborhoods I listed above, click on the link below and find one of your own. Merry Christmas and Drive Safe.





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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crab Season Is Here!

Fisherman's Wharf signImage via WikipediaCrab lover's crab season is here, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf is going to be lit up with the smell of crab pots boiling. It is fun walking the wharf and tasting the crab. I like crab but I don't like picking it out of the shell. If you want to really get your crab eat on There is the I.F.E.S. annual Crab Cioppino Feast. I have family members who have been going for 15 years. This feast is held in Mountain View call (650)
967-2759 to find out when this feast will take place. Well people here are places to go to get your crab on enjoy.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


A pumpkin stem.Image via Wikipedia

October is here! I’m especially fond of October, the leaves are changing colors we have Indian summer, it’s my birthday month and there are pumpkin patches all over the Bay Area. My parents would take my siblings and I  to the pumpkin patch so each one us could pick out our own pumpkin. When we got home we would crave our pumpkins and roast the seeds. This memory is something that has stayed with me. I passed it on to my son and I hope he passes it on to his kids.

These are some of the top pumpkin patches in the Bay Area.

Joan’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch at 4351 Mines Rd. Livermore, CA 94550, in the heart of wine country.

Lemos Farm at 1230 San Mateo Rd. Half Moon Bay CA. 94019, Lemos is known for family fun.

 J.E Perry’s Farms at 34600 Arden Blvd Fremont CA. 94555 is located in Ardenwood Regional Preserve (East Bay Regional Parks).

Nicasio Valley Organic Farms at 5300 Nicasio Valley Rd. Nicasio CA. 94946, is located in Marin.

Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch at 1620 7Th Ave. San Francisco CA 94122. Clancy’s is the very first pumpkin patch in San Francisco.

Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm at 1060 Pine Lane Clayton CA 94517. Clayton has a play land, train  and Duck Races.

Families pack up the kids in the car go to a pumpkin patch near you or go to one of theses. If you have never been to a pumpkin patch, start a new tradition you will never forget.



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Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Every year for the past three years I have looked forward to the Fall Music Festival in Sonoma California at the B R Cohn Winery. This festival is for two days October 9 & 10, 2010. There are vendors of all kinds selling hand crafted jewelry, pictures, clothing and crafts. Just about any kind of food you could think of, to satisfy any kind of taste bud.

The atmosphere is wonderful people walking around with there wine eating a kicking back on the grass. The musical groups are fantastic. The Doobie Brothers always head line either Saturday or Sunday. This year they will head line on Saturday October 9, 2010. Also on the same show will be Cheap Trick, Grand funk Railroad, War, The Turtles,  Lara Johnston the daughter of Tom Johnston lead singer of The Doobie Brothers and Pat Simmons Jr.

 I will be at this festival on Saturday, getting my grub on, kicking back with good friends listening to some fantastic bands.  So all you wine lovers out there if you want to taste some good wines and see some great bands, come out to the B R Cohn Winery in Sonoma California on October 9th an 10th, 2010.


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Monday, September 6, 2010

In California Riding Hands Free Is The Law

Blue-Tooth Ear piece - Tech GreedyImage by RambergMediaImages via Flickr
All of us know in California that riding and talking withe your cell phone in your hand is illegal. But did you know that you can be productive and have fun hands free. We here at Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.are professional drivers that deliver document small packages all over the state. We all use headset wired or blue tooth . We receive job info from our dispatchers along with road info so we can avoid traffic snarls.There are some cool software programs for smart phones that will read your Email , news flashes, sports scores through your earpiece . You can even listen to somebody texting to you and text back by speaking. You can do this with little distraction . Your eyes fixed to the road with out looking down at your phone. Voice calling has been around for a while now and is just getting better every day. I have a Black Berry. I use Vlingo. It works great.It looks like they have a version for the iPhone and Android. I use ito to hear and send text messages. Read E-Mail and searching the web.I also use DriveSafe.ly. It Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time. Both work well. Check them out and have fun.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Redwood City Music And Entertainment Events

The western archImage via Wikipedia
Redwood City Music And Entertainment Events

Redwood City's “Core Purpose” is to Build a Great Community Together.
Redwood City seem like it is a family orientated community. They have music in the park and other events for the neighborhoods. On Wednesday from 6-8pm June 23 thru August 11, 2010. Redwood City host Zanzibar an Afro/Latin Funk band August 4, 2010. On the final day of music in the park August 11, 2010 Redwood City will host California Beach Boys band a Tribute to the Beach Boys. Redwood City will host Target Family Day on August 8, 2010 this event will go July through September. There will be activities for the kids and activities for the adults.

When I was younger I used to go to other cities to check out the atmosphere and to get away from the same old routine. If you fill like getting out of your same old box then go check out Music In The Park or Target Family Day in Redwood City.



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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Image by Kevin via Flickr

All you art lovers the City of Fremont is having it’s 27th Festival of the Arts this weekend July 31- August 1 2010. There will be over 650 booths. Fremont Festival of the Arts has a Kid City with interactive activities.Fremont Festival of the Arts has two music stages. "The Rising", a Bruce
Springsteen tribute band will play Saturday. On Sunday "Zoo Station", a U2 tribute band. For those of you who love to eat there are five food court hrough out the Fremont Festival of the Arts. When you get tired of walking and the crowds you can go to the Wine Garden and sit back and chill out in the shade with a glass of wine. For you Gourmet food lovers
there’s a Gourmet Market Place. I’ve been to the Fremont Festival of the Arts two times and each time it‘s a lot fun. If you don’t have anything planned this Saturday or Sunday, put your walking shoes on go enjoying the
Fremont Festival of the Arts.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"The annual "Berkeley Kite Festival"...a high-flying event!

AquiloneAcrobaticoImage via Wikipedia
When I was a grade school kid growing up in Campbell, California I got hooked on flying kites.  For me, it was almost as exciting as Christmas morning!
Every February the wind would pick up around my birthday, and upon receiving the new kite I always asked for, my friend Kent and I would spend hours after school, flying our kites as high, as far, and as long as possible.
Eventually, the wind would take one kite, and a telephone wire or a tall tree would take another....so we'd just hike down to the five and dime store and buy more with our allowance money.  This ritual lasted us about a month, until little-league season started up!
Looking decades back, I still cherish those fond memories, and this weekend I'm going to re-live some of them at the annual 'Berkeley Kite Festival'.  If you happen to be looking for a great way to spend a few hours, I highly recommend this fantastic two-day event!
It happens this Saturday, July 31st and Sunday, August 1st at  Cesar E. Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina, where thousands upon thousands of kites (of all kinds) will fill the summer sky.
However, there's much more to experience at this festival. You'll witness multi-line competitions of the Bay Area Sport Kite League, and also battling kite contests called 'candy drop' and 'rokkaku'. 
Traditional kites will also be displayed by special guests the 'Sode-Cho Kite-Flying Society' from Hamamatsu, Japan, and giant creature kite shows put on by the 'Berkeley Kite Wranglers and Friends'. 
Visitors can also receive hands-on demonstrations of the latest kite products from 'Ozone Kites', 'Revolution Kites' and 'Prism Designs". Children are also invited to free kite making lessons, while families are provided with thier own, large kite-flying area.
When lunch time comes, a huge array of food will be available, from sushi to seafood, corn on the cob, onion rings, and 'Ben and Jerry's' ice cream, along with an array of souvenir shops to visit. To save a little money, you can always pack a picnic lunch.
Thousands of kites and products will also be on sale, from beginner, intermediate and advanced, to low-wind kites, to exotic parafoils with prices ranging from $16.99 to $599.00.
Above all, be  make sure you take in the breathtaking kite competitions, especially the famous air ballet--where kites tumble, twirl, dance and dart through the air, accompanied by fantastic musical ballads. 
And, don't miss the exciting kite battles, where the object is to sever the enemy's kite line(string) with your own line that's been dipped in a glass-like resin!
For added enjoyment, you may want to arrive at the park an hour earlier than planned, to avoid parking hassles.  Parking is $10, and includes free shuttle service to all venues--and remember to bring a coat just in case! Tricky winds at a marina may spell chills at the end of the day.
To find the event from Hwy 80 (East Shore Freeway), take the University Ave exit in Berkeley. Go West towards the Bay.  As you approach the Marina, follow signs leading to the Double Tree Hotel. Go a half-mile past the hotel to the "turning circle' at Cesar E. Chavez Park, and look for the kites in the sky!
Above all, stay warm, have fun and enjoy the time of your life at the 2010 Berkeley Kite Festival!  For more information, call (501) 235-KITE or Email Contact: BerkeleyKiteFest.
Thanks, and have fun this weekend,
Sincerely, PeteCam4
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Friday, July 16, 2010



Palo Alto Friday night jam session at Lytton Plaza at the Apple store.
Susan Webb started this on January 22, and it took off. Every Friday since it’s been a jam session. Anyone passing by is welcome to join her. If you’re a aspiring musician, and you want to be heard go to Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto. Palo Alto is keeping the music going in down town on a Friday night. I have not been but, I sure will make it a point to go before the summers over.

 You can also catch Tom Chapin Concert at Mitchell Park on July 17, 2010 6:30pm. this kicks off  The City of Palo Alto’s Twilight Concert Series.
If you have nothing planned this weekend, now you have two places to go Friday and Saturday night. Get out of the hot house and support our local musicians.


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Monday, July 5, 2010

The RISKS of driving on a suspended license.

My drivers licenceImage by davidciani via Flickr
More and more California motorists seem willing to take a big risk by continuing to drive a car or motor cycle on a revoked or suspended drivers license!  Aside from breaking the law, it's dumb, extremely expensive, and often more costly to the driver's family and friends!
California Vehicle Code 14601 prohibits driving when you know your drivers license has been suspended or revoked. While only a misdemeanor, this crime could land first-time offenders in jail for not less than 5 days, be fined not less than $300. 
Obviously the penaltlies multiply for further convictions, and are even steeper for DUI offenders...however, there's another major consequence.  Upon each arrest, the vehicle is immediatly impounded, towed, and stored for a minumum of 30 days, and what's worse...quite often the offender is driving someone elses car!
I'll share a true life example of this, and how an innocent car owner suddenly became a victim too! A friend of mine loaned the family's second car(a Suburu Legacy hatchback) to his 21-year old step-daughter to go pick up a friend. She'd done this before when her own car was out of commission  for one reason or another.
What he and his wife did not know was that his step-daughter had two outstanding warrents for un-paid traffic tickets, and had her drivers license suspended!  That afternoon she was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for running a stop sign near the intersection of Bascom Avenue and San Carlos Street in San Jose, California.
She was taken to jail, and the Suburu was towed to a yard in Santa Clara, California, not far from the CHP headquarters on Zanker Road.
My friend was suddenly caught in a financial mess.  Even if he chose not to bail-out his step-daughter, how was he going to afford losing his car for 30 days....and paying tow and storage charges of close to $2000?
Also, this second car was used to transport he and his wife's handicapped granddaughter(and wheelchair) to doctors appointments, as well as other family needs!  It was more than just the money! It was the inconvenience!
However, as hard as my friend pleaded with the CHP, state law requires 30 days impound, unless, in certain instances...you can manage to get the offending drivers license re-instated, and show proof with DMV documentation.
Fortunatly, my friend took an extra step and decided to visit the CHP office with his step-daughter, to discuss any possible options with the CHP sergent in charge. This particular officer was very understanding, and agreed to release the car from impound....if his step daughter promised to take care of her tickets and get her license re-instated.
My friend was lucky!  He got his Suburu back that afternoon, however, he still had to pay the tow company $335, but that's a lot cheaper than $2000!
I have a feeling there are many more car owners and family members suffering a much worse fate than my friend and his step-daughter. Should you find yourself in a similiar mess you may try what my friend did, and get lucky.
However, the best advice is to be VERY CAREFUL who you loan your car to....if anyone at all!  As for you violators, GET REAL!  SMARTIN UP!  It's dumb enough to ignore paying your tickets.  Why be an even bigger idiot by letting them go to warrent...and having your drivers license suspended in the first place.
Thanks, and stay safe on the road!
Sincerely, PeteCam4
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The High Cost Of Driving Drunk

2,000 people a year die from drunk driving auto accidents in the United States. Of the 900,000 annual DUI arrests, more than one-third are repeat offenders!  That fact is astounding!  You would think THEY WOULD LEARN the first time, seeing as how deadly, dumb, and costly driving drunk is!
The sad stories pile up every day, and not just in America. The latest international tragedy happened yesterday.  South Africa's beloved anti-apartheid icon 'Nelson Mandela' planned on attending the opening ceremonies of World Cup Soccer being hosted in his hometown of Johannesburg.
Instead, he stayed home with his family, mourning the death of his 13-year old great-granddaughter Zenani who was killed in a car accident after attending a concert the night before.
The man driving the car lost control and slammed into a barrier, after which he was found to be drunk, was arrested on site, and faces serious charges, including homicide.  He probably won't see the light of day again for a long time, let alone have another chance to drive drunk!
However, millions of other drivers suffering from far less, grave circumstances, somehow manage to take even more chances....and get caught again!  Then, they get flattened again with enormous financial losses that are so hefty--it seems impossible for anyone short of  a millionaire to afford!
Young drivers just starting out should pay attention to this, especially those in California, where DUI frequency is ranked in the upper third nationwide. Here is a financial breakdown of just how much it costs for your first, "routine" DUI issued in California!
Hint: Do you have $7000 to $20,000 handy? (prices vary depending on case, judge, attorney,etc)
FINE                                                                 $390-$1200
ATTORNEY FEES                                           $500-$10,000
INSURANCE RATE INCREASES                  $3600-$6600
Total: $4490-$17,800 (and..there's more)
Penalty Assessment Fee                                      $666
State Restitution Fund                                         $100
Alcohol Abuse Ed. Fund                                     $50
Blood or Breath Testing Fee                               $37
Jail Release Fee                                                  $10
Alcohol Awareness School                                 $500
Towing and Storage                                           $190
Total: $6140-$19,450 (and there's more still)
Ignition Interlock Device Installation                   $100
Ignition Interlock Device Annual Fee                  $720
Lost Time and Wages                                        $$$$$$ lots!
Now, remember,  these are costs for a "routine" DUI. If you also damage your vehicle or other property, or if you've injured or killed someone....these costs would only be a fraction of what you'll REALLY PAY!
I'm happy to say I've never been cited for DUI, and that covers 37 years of driving in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in San Jose and Campbell where I grew up, and also much of the state....including 7-years in Bakersfield, and two years in Reno Nevada.
For me, it took only one colossal drunk driving episode of stupidity and luck at the same time, to learn my lesson!. My freshman year at San Jose State University,  I drank wine for the first time, and put down 7 or 8-glasses at a fraternity party. 
When I woke up on my bedroom floor with a pounding, sick hangover... I had no idea how I got there, and no recollection of driving home!
I kept thinking miserably-- what happened during that 8-mile ride I DON'T REMEMBER....from downtown 10th street....on to Hwy 280...exiting at Southwest Expressway...down Meridian Ave....and HOME! HOW! 
I immediately hit my knees and thanked God for not  being one of those fools who never wake up from this! That very revelation scared the hell out of me....forever!  I never did that again, ever! 
 My very best friend was not so lucky. He often prided himself on being able to skillfully drink and drive.  One day long ago, I had to pick him up from a drunk tank in Hollister, California....where he also told me,  "he didn't remember how he got there, hung over on a jail cell floor!"
It took him a few more mistakes, many thousands of dollars, and six years without his license to finally see the light. Today, he is richer, happier, and totally sober, having raised a wonderful family. Neither of us uses alcohol, and that's a good story...being able to joke about the wild old days!
We both learned our lessons in different ways, but the key for all young California drivers...and drivers everywhere--is not to drink and drive at all!  No need to learn any lessons!  Just DON'T do it.  You'll  save lives....and lots of money! 
Thanks, and drive safely and sober!
Sincerely, PeteCam4

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A view on the Sacramento River from Windy Cove...Image via Wikipedia

Just this past Saturday June 5, 2010, a 11 year old girl lost her life when she drowned in  the delta in Pittsburgh  California. This is a common occurrence, during the summertime. People can’t wait to get to the water.
It is my opinion,  swimming in Deltas and Reservoirs  are not safe.
Anytime you have running water there is a undertow even the most experience swimmer can drown.

Last summer this happen to a friend of mines son. He was swimming in Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos California, like he had done a dozen times. The witnesses said he had, went under the water and never came back up. The officials said he probably got caught in a under tow.

If people are going to continue to swim in Deltas and Reservoirs  life jackets should be mandatory. I think they should make it a law no swimming in Deltas and Reservoirs. How many more lives have to be lost before they take this serious problem. This tragedy last Saturday didn’t have to happen. I say to all parents don’t let your kids swim in Deltas and Reservoirs it’s not worth their lives just for a few hours of fun..



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Monday, April 12, 2010

Santa Clara Traffic

Check out the entrance to Santa Clara's Traffic Court on Homestead Street every weekday morning or afternoon. It is always lined with city police cars, motorcycle units, and CHP vehicles who's officers are inside testifying against the many drivers they issue tickets to.
Still, motorists continue to speed, even  though Santa Clara's city streets are unusually filled with radar traps....especially just west of the San Jose Airport on both DeLaCruz Blvd and Lafayette Streets.
I travel those corridors every day for work, and it seems I'm either changing lanes to let speeders pass, or watching them get tickets on the side of the road!  It's not that I'm some "goody goody" slow-poke who never breaks the speed limit, but it's not that hard to see cops pointing radar guns at you!
They are always there, where Coleman Ave becomes DeLaCruz Blvd....stretching past the Hwy 101 interchange. Yet, folks continue to plow through at well over the 40mph speed limit, which should be fast enough for them!
Heading to work the morning of April  6th, I saw three cars pulled over by motorcycle cops. Then, I saw two more getting tickets(on DeLaCruz Blvd) on my way home! It occures to me those getting cited, and those getting away with it--are creating a very DANGEROUS situation on a heavily populated street. 
For whatever reason, they are not paying attention.  They are driving as if with "tunnel vision". They are headed for either danger or an expensive citation.  They need to SLOW DOWN!
 I even saw a driver get pulled over ahead of me as three cops just stood in the middle of the street.(Aviation Rd.) They stopped the whole group of us.(7or8 cars)  Then, they physically led the lead car to the side for a ticket, by way of this unusual speed trap.
The Santa Clara Police Department seems to be making a statement....Slow Down! We should heed this advice, in Santa Clara, and in every city in the Bay Area.
Thanks, and be safe of the road.
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Friday, April 9, 2010



I had friends from out of town one of them was a Jazz and R an B Singer from Florida she wanted to check out the Jazz  and R an B scene, but we did not fill like driving to San Francisco or Oakland. I found two live spots to go and listen to live music this past week. The first spot was right down the street from where I live called the Three Flames at 1547 Meridian Avenue San Jose, CA  95125. For all you Jazz lovers, there’s a Swing Jazz band called Modesto Briseno Septet from 7:30 to 10:30 pm on Tuesday, come dance or sit back and groove to their Blues-ey Jazz style. If you can’t get out on Tuesday there’s always Sunday night too they have Latin Jazz added to there repertoire. Come out and get your Salsa on from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, there is no cover charge. The second spot is a place I used to frequent back in the 90s, called The Number One Broadway 102 South Santa Cruz Avenue Los Gatos Ca. 95030. If you play an instrument or sing you can come put your name on the list and sit in with The JC band on Thursday nights from 10:00pm to 1:00pm. They play R an B this is definitely a kick back atmosphere, there’s dancing and no cover charge. My friends and I had a great time we didn’t have to take a long drive, If your looking for something different to do, check out these two spots you will have a great time.




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