Monday, April 12, 2010

Santa Clara Traffic

Check out the entrance to Santa Clara's Traffic Court on Homestead Street every weekday morning or afternoon. It is always lined with city police cars, motorcycle units, and CHP vehicles who's officers are inside testifying against the many drivers they issue tickets to.
Still, motorists continue to speed, even  though Santa Clara's city streets are unusually filled with radar traps....especially just west of the San Jose Airport on both DeLaCruz Blvd and Lafayette Streets.
I travel those corridors every day for work, and it seems I'm either changing lanes to let speeders pass, or watching them get tickets on the side of the road!  It's not that I'm some "goody goody" slow-poke who never breaks the speed limit, but it's not that hard to see cops pointing radar guns at you!
They are always there, where Coleman Ave becomes DeLaCruz Blvd....stretching past the Hwy 101 interchange. Yet, folks continue to plow through at well over the 40mph speed limit, which should be fast enough for them!
Heading to work the morning of April  6th, I saw three cars pulled over by motorcycle cops. Then, I saw two more getting tickets(on DeLaCruz Blvd) on my way home! It occures to me those getting cited, and those getting away with it--are creating a very DANGEROUS situation on a heavily populated street. 
For whatever reason, they are not paying attention.  They are driving as if with "tunnel vision". They are headed for either danger or an expensive citation.  They need to SLOW DOWN!
 I even saw a driver get pulled over ahead of me as three cops just stood in the middle of the street.(Aviation Rd.) They stopped the whole group of us.(7or8 cars)  Then, they physically led the lead car to the side for a ticket, by way of this unusual speed trap.
The Santa Clara Police Department seems to be making a statement....Slow Down! We should heed this advice, in Santa Clara, and in every city in the Bay Area.
Thanks, and be safe of the road.
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