Monday, December 21, 2009



The Oakland Museum of California was established in 1969 as a museum for
the people, to tells the stories of California. Back then the main focus
was on art, history and natural sciences. Oakland museum is undergoing
renovation and transformation, the grand opening will be in May 2010.
With the new transformation Oakland Museum of California will also focus
on visitor participation, interpretive tools, interactive features, new
gathering spaces and program areas that will engage and encourage
visitors to share their perspectives questions and stories of California.
Oakland Museum of California has always had strong ties to the community,
so schools, scholars, local audiences and visitors will be welcome to
participate in events and activities and be part of California’s past,
present, and future. A local artists has already gave the Oakland Museum
of California a face lift with a new mural at the Oak Street Entry, this
mural is beautiful. If this is any indication of what the museum to be
like, Oakland Museum of California this is going to be something to see.
I can’t wait until it reopens.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Checkpoint Season

It's holiday checkpoint season again, and time for local police and The California Highway Patrol to put up random sobriety roadblocks.  But, just how necessary are they, and what restrictions govern them regarding the rights of motorists?
The fourth amendment to the Constitution protects people from being stopped without a search warrant, or at least "probable cause" that they've committed a crime.  While the US Supreme Court did make an exemption regarding DUI checkpoints, eleven states have still outlawed them...following a landmark 1990 ruling in Michigan that granted  permission to uphold  outstanding state law. 
Here in California, the CHP maintains that checkpoints reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads and highways, and diminishes  the amount of pain, suffering and death that result from drunk driving.  Still, 51-percent of all drivers in America fall victim to at least one alchohol-related accident, while one person dies every 22 minutes from a drunk driving accident.  The current annual death toll is at 11, 888.
No matter how grim the numbers, sobriety checkpoints must still follow strict protocol laid out by the California Supreme Court.  Checkpoint locations must be chosen by supervisory police officers, not field officers.  Advanced notice must also be given, while location of road blocks is not required.  Police must also us a a neutral mathematical formula when stopping drivers, such as....every car, or every 3rd car etc. 
Motorist safety must be a primary concern, with police providing proper lighting, warning signs and signals.  Checkpoints should be only open when traffic volume allows safe operation. In fact, checkpoints open during late evening hours on major holidays.  Here in San Jose, the next checkpoints are scheduled for December 31st between 8pm and 3am.
Officers are also not allowed to detain drivers longer than it takes to ask a few questions, while looking and smelling for obvious signs of intoxication.  If cleared,  the driver should be swiftly waived through, while those showing signs of  impairment are taken to a seperate area for a field sobriety test.  I recently discovered one other, unusual restriction during a personal road experience.
While driving north-bound on Bascom Avenue in San Jose this past Labor Day weekend,  I came upon a checkpoint  just past the stoplight at Stokes Avenue.  As I eased behind a slow line of cars heading for the blinking signs, I noticed a few cars making sudden U-turns in an obvious attempt to avoid the road block.  Even the driver in front of me darted left onto a double-yellow line and into a 7'11 parking lot.  Isn't that illegal, I thought?  Can't  the cops stop them for that?  None were around to see them!
According to the Supreme Court,  motorists may NOT be stopped while seeking to avoid a checkpoint.  However, if the ditching driver commits a vehicle code violation, or shows obvious signs of intoxication...police can pull them over.  Next evening the Bascom Avenue checkpoint was back up, but a half-mile closer to Valley Medical Center this time,and pointed North.
Curiously, I joined the checkpoint line again, but, this time a half-dozen  patrol cars were stationed BEHIND the line, partially hidden in dark parking lots. Up front and past the checkpoint to the right, was a very well lighted parking lot...filled with cars and their drivers performing drunk tests.
That scene reminds me of the age-old advice which always provides the best way around such a  scenerio. DON'T drink and drive!!
If you MUST drink....either stay home, take a cab or ride next to a designated driver.  That way you'll sail through all your checkpoints...without checking into jail or checking OUT for good! 

Stay safe and stay sober,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

San Jose Safest City

City of San JoseImage via Wikipedia
Since the turn of the century, San Jose, California has been recognized as America's safest big city....claiming the top spot from 2001 through 2006.  This "safe city" list is based on populations of 500,000 or more, and on crime rates per 1000 people. 
Unfortunately, after slipping to 3rd place in 2007,  San Jose could only manage a 4th place ranking this past year of 2008, according to FBI crime statistics reports. Never-the-less, city officials are happy about recent crime drops in assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft.  "We're proud we held steady, and we're still the safest city in California," said Assistant Police Chief Dan Katz.  San Jose trailed Honolulu, El Paso,Texas and New York City. 
Mayor Chuck Reed stated that maintaining San Jose's crime ranking is a notable achievement,  given the poor economy and state funding raids on local governments.  "I'm proud that we saw a steady drop in most major crime categories," the Mayor said.  Drops in most crimes were attributed to increased focuses on gang-prevention efforts, auto thefts and burglaries.  Gang-related crimes were among seven of 10 types that dropped according to the FBI's annual report.
San Jose also reported smaller drops in property crime, aggravated assault, violent crime and homicide.  The only increases were mild ones in robbery(5.2 percent), larceny-theft(3.1 percent) and rape)from 217 cases to 220).  Despite that awful gang-related shooting in East San Jose on Halloween night which left a 12-year old boy critically wounded, overall gang violence is down 14.5 percent so far this year compared with 2008.
If similar progress is realized in most other crime categories, perhaps San Jose will once again claim the top our nation's SAFEST big city.
Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Standar Radar Speed Sign with Block Letters. P...Image via Wikipedia

The Bay Bridge S curve has had Forty Two accidents on the bridge since it
was put into place. A Hayward man died November 9.2009. When he lost
control of the truck he was driving on the Bay Bridge S-curve. He went
over the side and fell 200 feet. October 14, 2009 a Safeway truck turned
on it’s side and block four lanes for hours. I think the Bay Bridge
S-curve is safe, if drivers would just slow down and stop speeding. It’s
just like any new high construction, you have to obey the laws of the
road, it’s put there for a reason. The other part of the bridge is another
story, the jury is still out. All you drivers pay attention to the road
and your speed and drive safely.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bay Bridge Accident

Side by side version of :Image:San Francisco O...Image via Wikipedia

How soon before the San Francisco Bay Bridge re-opens?  More importantly, will the fix hold for good this time? 

High winds Tuesday night caused a steel cross-beam and two tie rods to snap off and fall to the upper deck, damaging three cars and injuring one person.  The three steel pieces were part of an emergency repair made just seven weeks ago during a planned Labor Day expansion project. 

An un-forseen crack in a structural beam then,  forced that repair... and threatened a possible major delay in the bridge's re-opening. However, the crack was repaired, and thus,  swiftly allowed the bridge to re-open...nearly on schedule!

After Tuesday's accident, which caused enormous commute problems throughout the entire North and East Bay Area, Caltrans refused to predict when the Bay Bridge would re-open, though the lead contractor predicted the new repair woud be complete sometime today.

Under intense public scrutiny--and now the eyes of the Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans blames high winds and traffic vibration for Tuesday's accident, claiming the repair design was a first-of-its-kind innovation, done on a type of cracked beam never before seen.

"Wind is something that should have been accounted for in that design," Caltrans spokesman Bart Ney said Wednesday. "We've identified fatigue as a factor, and our new design should address that." 

Still, there are skeptics who believe the initial brace design was an inadequate fix for a 73-year old bridge. UC-Berkeley engineering professor Abolhassan Astaneh-Asi said, "They rushed this repair over Labor Day, and now they refuse to acknowledge that it's an incorrect design."

Caltrans officials defended their brace design, claiming they are making vast improvements this time in order to provide additional protection. Meanwhile, Thursday's commute could set new traffic records as drivers crawl along adjacent highways and bridges, and pack into Bart train stations...all hoping that their sacrifices will lead to a FULLY fixed Bay Bridge--once and for all!

One final question. Who is going to pay for the three smashed autos damaged on the bridge, and the medical bills for the woman who was injured?  (Just wondering!) 

Thanks, and see you on the other side of the bridge.


"Best Wishes"--PTCJr

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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Courier Story

I am a ground-courier for a company called Streetwise Special Delivery, which means I drive for a living. That may not sound too exciting, but it is! I get to deliver almost anything you can anywhere...and at any time of day or night.

We deliver everything from computer parts to crime lab samples to court documents to chocolate cookies, and our client destinations cover the entire Bay Area, California, and beyond.

The key to our success is delivering whatever is needed ON time, every time, and to the customer's satisfaction... without exception. It's either be consistent, or they'll call another delivery service. There are NO second chances.

If this fails to generate enough excitement, challenge, or variety to my career...there is one final perk that puts the icing on my cake. I get a lot of satisfaction from the appreciative smiles and warm handshakes customers give when a delivery is there early, or their day is saved. I know now that I've helped to make a positive difference somehow!.

I'll share one very special example: We deliver highly controlled medication to critically ill hospice patients dying of cancer or other terminal disease. They are often surviving in the hopeful comfort of thier last days..

A highly specialized hospice care company provides us with pharmacy pick-up information, nurses instructions, and patient addresses where the medicine is delivered to a designated family member or home-care nurse.

This is a unique type of delivery that requires security, safety, and special respect,,,.not just for handling controlled prescription drugs, but, also handling the sensitive mood of the receiving family. It is in this atmosphere, that I enjoyed my most memorable delivery success.

I was called out of bed in San Jose to drive to Walnut Creek to pick up medication bound for a needy patient in Fairfield. I left the house at 12:15am with a deadline of 2:30am. With no traffic and no need to break speed laws, everything fell into place....and I reached the patient's home early, at 1:50am.

As it turned out, the grieving husband ran out of his wife's much needed pain medicine hours earlier, and wasn't expecting me that soon. When he answered the door I couldn't help but see his worried face flash open a relieved smile. Upon signing my release form he began to cry, and then extended me a warm hug of appreciation.

"ThankYou so much and God bless You", he said. I felt shivers down my spine while driving way, bound for home with a little lost sleep, and a lot of self-satisfaction and purpose!!

Thanks, Drive safely, and with purpose.


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Road Rage

The symbolic face of death:  detail from an 18...Image via Wikipedia

Road rage is an act of agression by a vehicle driver toward another.  If taken to the extreme, it often leads to physical assault, injury, and even death. It has risen to epidemic proportions throughout the country, whereby more drivers fear being victimized by road rage than by drunk drivers.

Between 1000 and 1500 people are killed each year due to road rage incidents, most involving firearms and other weapons...including the assailant's car. In every day, common cases, plain old aggression and aggressive driving also cause over 50-percent of all car crashes in this country.

How  do we slow this disease down, especially here in the Bay Area?  To start with, we all need to lighten up when driving.  I'm going to share an incident that happened to me a few weeks ago that may offer some help::

I take DeLaCruz Blvd every day when working for StreetWise Special Delivery. I was driving South the other morning between Hwy.101 and the San Jose Airport, when I nearly ran a small truck off the road. It happened at a wishbone fork that leads right to Santa Clara or left where it turns into Coleman Ave. I turned left onto Coleman at the same time this small truck turned onto Coleman from the Santa Clara, ElCamino Real side.  I was either not paying attention or he drifted into my huge, sunrise blind-spot....because I never saw him!. I changed lanes and cut him right off,  not realizing a thing until we stopped a half -mile ahead at the airport entrance stoplight. 

This is the perfect road rage scenerio!  The driver could either lay on the horn, flip me off, get out of his truck screaming for a fight, or pull out a weapon and physically assault me. It happens all to often, but thankfully...not to me, at least not this day. What did happen was just the opposite, and an example to learn from:

...I heard a tap on the horn from behind me and turned around. The man signaled me to roll down my window. (I thought something may be wrong with my car) He then leaned out of his window, and, in a calm voice intoned..."Did you know you just cut right in front of me?" You almost ran me off the road back there at the bridge." I apologized and said....  "I didn't even see everything OK?"  "Yea, I'll live. Just be more careful next time, and have a nice day", he said.  I told him thanks and apologized again. We both drove off on our seperate ways,  safely and free of  road rage!! This truck driver teaches a great lesson! Lighten UP!

...It comes down to the basics.... Don't drive in a bad mood, avoid being in a hurry, and drive defensivly as opposed to aggressively!  Always signal when changing lanes.(57% don't) Do not tailgate, do not drive slowly in fast(left) lanes, and above all...AVOID possible confrontations on the road. This means no return screams, obscene gestures, horn honking or high beams. If threatened or taunted by another driver, avoid and evade them.

If pursued, use your cell to call police and/or drive to a station if possible.  Do NOT drive home, and do NOT leave your car unless safely away from danger. These rules should help reduce road rage incidents, but it may also come down to common sense.

If you make a mistake behind the wheel and have the chance...apologize appropriatly. Be cheerful and polite to other drivers especially in heavy traffic where most road rage originates. Smile, and let the other driver in, or slow down...and let them pass peacefully.
If we all follow these basic steps, perhaps we can pave more PEACEFUL roads to drive on.

Continue to drive safely out there, and avoid THE RAGE.



"Best Wishes"--PTCJr

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mountain View

Shoreline Amphitheatre as seen from ground levelImage via Wikipedia


Mt. View is a town that is located, 10 miles north of San Jose and 34 miles south of San Francisco. Its central location provides easy access to the entire San Francisco bay area. If you are the outdoor type Mt. View is
the place to be. Mt. View has the Shoreline Park, for the water sport enthusiasts Mt. View has an extensive waterway. Mt. View has a network of trails, bridges and roadways for pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists. Mt. View has Art & Wine Festival every year, the second week of September. Mt. View has the Shoreline Amphitheatre and the Center for the Performing Arts were you can see the best performances in Silicon Valley. If you have never been to either of these venues, you must go and you will be glad you did. Mt View is the home of the 50 fastest growing high tech companies, Agilent Technologies, Google, Hewlett-Packard, PayPal, Sun Microsystems etc. Mt View is a city you would enjoy visiting.

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SANTA CLARA, CA - JUNE 14:  Kirsty Coventry of...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The City Of Santa Clara has a wide variety of activities for all ages.Santa Clara caters to seniors. Santa Clara has a senior center for 50 years and older, with a variety of classes and activities. Santa Clara has an adult softball league for the softball enthusiast that runs in two
seasons spring/summer and fall. For the basketball novice to the skilled
player, there is a league for you. It also runs in two seasons fall/winter and spring. Santa Clara has a Teen Center that is open to 8th through 12th graders who live in Santa Clara or has family in Santa Clara. Santa Clara
also has a great skate park. Santa Clara also offers a Junior Theater, for all you actors out there. For all the youth out there Santa Clara has something for you to. Santa Clara has a youth center, with after school programs, recreation classes, sport camps and special events. Santa Clara has beautiful Central Park, Community Recreation Center and a lot of other
centers and activities.

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Friday, September 18, 2009



Half Moon Bay is on the Pacific Coast, you have forested hills on one side
and the beautiful coastline on the other. It is 28 miles south of San
Francisco. Half Moon Bay is known for its Pumpkin Festival in October. It
attracts hundreds of thousands of people. If you have never been you must
go at least one time, you will be glad you did. People come to Half Moon
Bay to enjoy its panoramic views of the ocean and the fine cuisine.The Half Moon
Bay Brewing Company is a place to go eat and listen to live music. With all
the people visiting Half Moon Bay Streetwise Special Delivery Courier
Service is there for your Same Day Delivery 24/7. Our Half Moon Bay
Courier Service supports businesses with Rush Deliveries in the
surrounding bay area. We are there when you need us. Streetwise Special
Delivery a Half Moon Bay courier service, serving the beautiful pacific
coast City of Half Moon Bay.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Speed Traps

This is a true story, and it happened to a close friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles County. About two years ago he received a photo-radar traffic ticket in the mail, I've never gotten one of those, but I've always dreaded the possibility. We have MANY photo speed traps here in Northern California too!
Anyhow, my friend was shocked to get his first, especially since it was a red light violation that would cost him $425,00! "When and where did I blow a red light?" he thought. Well now, come to think of it he finally remembers a day he was running fast and late for work on a familiar street...that same street listed on the ticket along with the time and date.
"I guess I DID run that light" he reflects..."but I'm going to fight it anyway!" (And, this is how my friend explained how he would beat this ticket in traffic court.)
"The only pictures they take with those photo-radar traps are blurry shots of the license plate and the driver's head through the windshield. How on earth can that prove I ran a red light?" "Besides, there's no cop in court to challenge me, just the judge...who will listen favorably to the great story I have in store".
My friend made it sound so easy. Let's see just how easy it was. Finally, his day in court came. My friend was called in front of the judge, just as expected. There was no citing officer there to argue against him, just as expected. And, he was asked to tell the judge his side of the story, just as expected.
So my friend explained: "Your honor when I approached the intersection the light was yellow, and just about to go red. When I began to stop I noticed the car behind me right on my tail. He WASN'T going to stop! So, rather that being hit from behind...I continued through the light safely, along with the other car."
"That is an interesting explanation young man", said the judge. "Now, let's see what REALLY happened."'
Just then, two court attendants wheeled out a large TV screen. The judge then clicked the remote control he had handy at his desk and cued up my friend's violation. It was a video tape that clearly,crisply and in full motion,,, revealed the entire incident.
What was seen was my friend's car traveling trough the intersection against the red light going about 15 miles over the speed limit. More importantly, there wasn't another vehicle anywhere in sight. His was the only car on screen. THIS was not as expected.
The judge then asked my friend if he cared to ammend his story...which my friend did.(With a red face) He was then ordered to pay the $425.00.
The moral of this story is.... don't waste your time in traffic court fighting a photo generated ticket, unless you can soundly defeat its 'Hollywood Video' evidence!!..
Thanks, and drive carefully.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

San Francisco Courier Service

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...Image via Wikipedia

San Francisco is certainly a world tourist destination. You can visit Fisherman Wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and about a dozen more attractions. With this tourist industry comes the need for a great courier service in San Francisco. Streetwise Special Delivery San Francisco Courier Service is there for emergency pickups from Hotel to the Airport.
Our courier service specializes in deliveries from San Francisco to surrounding bay area cities. We offer Same Day Delivery 24/7. Our San Francisco courier service supports business with on time route deliveries with uniformed drivers that will make your company look good. Our medical Courier Service offers safe and secure deliveries. We are there when you need us.
Streetwise Special Delivery - A San Francisco courier service serving the beautiful City of San Francisco.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


SAN JOSE GREAT CITY TO GROW UP IN San Jose is part of the Silicon Valley; San Jose has a diverse culture. San Jose has a lot of festivals. The Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Jazz, Music in the park and Tapestry and Talent festivals etc. San Jose was voted one of the top ten cities to grow up in. I agree I grew up in San Jose. They have the Children Discovery Museum, Tech Museum and a lot of parks. I think growing up in San Jose, gives children a better rounded education on the different cultures. The schools are integrated and the neighborhoods as well.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


WILDFIRES IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA This is the season for wildfires; unfortunately Northern California has two wildfires burning. Santa Cruz Mountains are on fire again, just last year we had the Loma Prieta fire. Another fire burns near the Altamont Pass, threatening I-5 and I-580 East of Livermore. The Lockheed fire caused 2,400 residents to evacuate from the communities of Swanton and Bonny Doon. I hope Cal Fire can get this fire under control for all the evacuees, because loosing your possessions in a fire is devastating. The air quality is poor in the areas where the fires are burning. California is a dry state; it doesn’t get much rainfall so wildfires are common. I guess this is one of the prices we have to pay to live in this beautiful state. Lynn

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strange Things On The Road.

When you drive for a living you see lots of strange things on the road. About a month ago I saw something that you might call a bad joke on Halloween. I was returning late from a job about 1:30am driving North on Highway 580...about 5 miles South of Tracy.
There was no one on the road except me, and, what I was barely able to see putt-putting in the right lane far ahead in the distance. As I quickly gained ground I saw what had to be one of those 40 to 50-year old VW buses, however this one was completely covered in white, sheet like fabric!
When I say completely covered I'm including head lights, tail lights and all the windows...except for part of the windshield and driver-side window. This was literally a slow rolling sheet-mobile covered in everything ghostly white except for four hub-capless tires, and going 40mph down a 70mph highway.My first instinct was to pass this thing and get far, far away...but as I finally caught up I saw something even more freaky.
The driver was heavily dressed in a white,hooded robe that covered every part of him/her...except for a pair of dark shadedglasses, partial nose and mouth. The hood covered the rest, and I though I was looking at the white grim reaper...or something!!!
As I sped ahead glancing back in the rear view mirror I was thinking mass murderer psychoterrorist, prankster, gangster, mobster, monster, radical or just someone really stupid!! As I was about to dial 911 for the California Highway Patrol, I quickly glanced at the rear view mirror and noticed bright red lights pulling something over...way back to the right.
The CHP came through....but who...or what did they stop--and what ever became of this? After a month of waiting for some news, I still haven't heard a peep about my mystery ghost roller in the night. But, I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Drive carefully.
"Best Wishes"--PTCJr

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


SHOOTING AT A TOLL BRIDGE It was a tragic state of events that happened August 11, 2009 on the Richmond San Rafael Bridge in California. A man pulled onto the bridge shoot a man sitting in his truck on the side by the toll gate and pulled up to toll gate and shoots his girlfriend. I can’t even imagine how the commuters felt seeing a man with a gun shoot two people, let alone the toll takers. I feel for the toll takers, because they are so vulnerable. They have to deal with armed robberies, random shootings and breathing in car fumes all day. If this kind of thing keeps happening, the toll booths should be bullet proof where you have to put your money through a slot. I am sure this will give the toll takers peace of mind. LM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


(ACCIDENTS ON MUNI TRAINS AND BUSES) MUNI train and bus accidents in San Francisco Ca. are getting more severe. It seems like San Francisco’s MUNI train operators are getting into accidents that are causing havoc on the streets of San Francisco Ca. There was a hearing August 10, 2009 where people voiced the concern about the MUNI train and Bus system. A day after the hearings a MUNI bus hit a woman at Ninth and Market street and shut down Market between 8th and 9th street. The people are scared that this problem is getting out of control and they fear for there safety. People want answers on how MUNI intends to fix the problem. One man at the hearing said he was hit by a MUNI train driving his SUV. It was a good thing that he was in a big SUV, because if he were in a smaller car it would have been deadly. MUNI finely filled the position of Chief Safety Operator this might cut down on the accidents or put a better safety system in place. The Chief Safety Operator better make stricter guide lines for the drivers. If not then San Francisco MUNI will keep paying lawsuits in the millions of dollars. LM

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Crotalus viridis - Southern Pacific Rattlesnak...Image via Wikipedia

On a scorching hot day last week I was driving on a narrow road just West of Santa Theresa Golf Course, when, suddenly I slowed down to get a better look at what was
slithering off the right shoulder of the road. It was a rattlesnake about 5 feet long with a thick, rattle-like tail. I quickly pulled over and stopped about 40 feet short of where this reptile was making its get-away towards an open ditch.
As I hopped out of the car I had just enough time to see the snake dissappear into the dry bushes and trees just off the road, which jutted down into a steep ravine...and apparently to the safety of the arid foothills.
This wasn't the first rattlesnake I've seen in this area over the past several years. The last one was run-over and killed in the middle of a similiar road...which inspires a few other interesting recollections: The first is a joke you may have heard... (What's the difference between a dead rattlesnake in the middle of the road...and a dead lawyer?? Answer: There are skid marks in front of the rattlesnake!!) .
These next observations aren't so funny: California is a hot bed for a number of species of rattlesnakes, all very poisenous. Being bitten leads to serious injury and often...death. So, be extra careful when walking in hilly, rocky, dry areas especially the open countryside.
Awareness and avoidance are keys to rattlesnake safety. Don't bother them and they won't bother you. The danger is stumbling upon them suddenly, causing them to coil and strike at lightning speed with a venomous bite meant to protect them, and...possibly kill you. So, STAY AWAY...especially in the late Summer months of August and September when rattlesnakes often shed their skin and often go temporarily blind, making them even more dangerous.
Years ago I played lots of golf... often at Santa Theresa, and often in the late Summer. Hearing the hisses and rattles from the hillsides off the fairways, kept me from even thinking of trying to find an errant shot. Better to suffer two penalty strokes, than to take one from a rattlesnake. I also saw a few shedded snake skins over the years, one measuring seven feet long! It reminded me of one Santa Theresa Golf "Urban Legend"!!
The story goes a golfer was searching for his ball behind the green at the end of the 11th hole, where the area behind the green sinks down into dense, dry ravine of trees and bushes. Allegedly, the poor soul stumbled onto a nest of baby rattlesnakes and their mother....suffering multiple bites. It was the last hole the golfer ever played.
While I can't be sure this story happened, I'll close with one final lesson a guy learned while stumbling on a rattlesnake crossing the road....just like I mentioned at the beginning.
Only, he stopped and picked up the snake... a large diamond-back rattler, which then laid a huge bite on his hand. This man made it to a hospital in the nick of time, only to barely escape with his life. He also nearly lost what was left of his hand. The large dose of bite-. venom ate away most of its tissue. The next 6-months were the most painful and regrettable for this man or anyone else to possibly imagine.
I watched this on the "Animal Planet" cable channel. Rattlesnakes have their rightful place out in the open country, but if you come upon one trying to cross the road, stay away...and let it cross!!
"Best Wishes"--PTCJr
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lithuanian SSR standard manhole cover of the c...Image via


If your walking down the street in San Francisco Ca., beware manhole
covers might explode into the air at anytime. On June 5th about 9:15
p.m. a manhole cover exploded, at Mason Street. A fireball erupted from a
manhole at O’Farrell and Polk Street July 6th at 4th & Market another
manhole cover exploded. I wondering how many times this have happened? San Francisco better fix this problem before someone gets seriously hurt or

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Carjacking Scam

publication in agreement with the hamburg poli...Image via Wikipedia

Hello everyone,
I just received some valuable information from a close friend about a carjacking scam that we ALL need to avoid. Apparently it is happening all over the country, so listen up!
Say you're returning to your parked car, and just as you are ready to back up and leave you notice a piece of paper stuck to your back window...possibly obstructing your rear view. CAUTION!!!! Whatever you do...DON'T get out of the car to investigate!
Simply DRIVE ON...and check on the paper sticker somewhere down the road, or when you get home. Why??? Because the normal reaction is to shift back into park, unlock the doors, get out and walk to the rear window to check out the paper sticker, when suddenly.....SUPRISE!!!!!
Carjackers appear out of nowhere, blow past you and take off with your car! Even worse, chances are you left your wallet or purse inside with money, credit cards, id, house keys...the works!! All compromised in the 'blind of an eye'.
According to various police agencies, this is really going on be careful of the rear window paper sticker. Don't get out to check on it until SAFELY away. Take care and drive safely.
Sincerely, Peter C. Jr........

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Santa Clara to Vancouver Part 2

After a restful night at the Vancouver Washington Homewood Suites I drove along the river front and took a walk over the Land Bridge to Fort Vancouver. The land bridge had all kinds of plants and descriptions on how they aided the Native Americans and the settlers. It was quite interesting. The area around the fort is being excavated for historical artifacts. The Fort buildings are a reconstruction on the site of the original Fort. It is a National Park that I recommend to anybody traveling in the area.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Santa Clara Ca. to Vancouver Washington in 12 Hours

It took 12 hours of serious driving to get a part from Santa Clara to Vancouver Washington. The company needed this part or it was not going to make its production deadline. I started out at 8:00pm. Loaded up the van in Santa Clara and started driving over to I5. Music blasting from my I pod connected to my sound system I traveled non stop to Redding Ca.It was dark and little traffic on I5. It was raining when I got into Oregon around 3am. And arrived tired but excited in the fog in Portland. I crossed the last bridge into Vancouver Washington around 8:30am. Made it to the delivery at 9am. The guys at receiving were elated at my fast delivery. They recommended that I sleep at the Homewood Suites a few blocks away.
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