Tuesday, December 21, 2010


People are rushing around trying to get their last minute shopping done. Some people are so rude and in such a hurry, they drive like maniacs cutting people off and causing terrible accidents. This past Saturday December 18, 2010 my sister and I were driving down San Tomas Expressway Santa Clara Ca. heading toward El Camino. There is a accident in the two left lanes emergency vehicles are there. I say to my sister in-law “people need to slow down, their speeding like idiots going nowhere fast in traffic”. Well we continue down San Tomas to El Camino, we are in the left lane at the stop light the second car waiting for the light to change. We see this lady in a Jeep Cherokee  at the intersection run into Silver Mazda twice. Hitting it in the back and causing it to spin and hitting it in the front causing it to spin into a parking lot across the street hitting a van. Instead of the lady putting on here brakes she accelerated, through the intersection coming across the medium, hitting the car in front of us moving it like a bowling pin into the other lane causing that car to it another car. We thought that was it but the Cherokee keep coming and smashed into my sisters 1988 300TE Mercedes station wagon and totaling it. If it were not for Isabella that’s what she called her car she would not be here and I would not be here telling this story this. Cars now days are not as sturdy as cars 20 years ago. Thank God we were in Isabella.


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