Thursday, August 5, 2010

Redwood City Music And Entertainment Events

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Redwood City Music And Entertainment Events

Redwood City's “Core Purpose” is to Build a Great Community Together.
Redwood City seem like it is a family orientated community. They have music in the park and other events for the neighborhoods. On Wednesday from 6-8pm June 23 thru August 11, 2010. Redwood City host Zanzibar an Afro/Latin Funk band August 4, 2010. On the final day of music in the park August 11, 2010 Redwood City will host California Beach Boys band a Tribute to the Beach Boys. Redwood City will host Target Family Day on August 8, 2010 this event will go July through September. There will be activities for the kids and activities for the adults.

When I was younger I used to go to other cities to check out the atmosphere and to get away from the same old routine. If you fill like getting out of your same old box then go check out Music In The Park or Target Family Day in Redwood City.


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