Saturday, January 10, 2015


BY. Amero

Ok people its Saturday night and another weekend of Saturday night live
will have you going insane been there done that. So you wanna step out so
call a friend or two and everybody revved up and down to go. Only thing is
you guys are looking to have a great time in a place where the energy is
positive and the drinks are flowing. A Place where the ambiance seduces
you into a trance of fun and socialization.Then Ambiance Entertainments
Saturday nights at Club Infused 1217 Wildwood Ave. Sunnyvale, CA is
where you need to stop by. They have drink specials and bottle service
also. If you go to the Ambiance Ent. Facebook page you can find out how
to throw birthdays and record release parties. I love the venue and its for
the ‘Grown and Sexy’. Check it out if you're in the area.
So you're not feeling the club tonite but still wanna get out with the friends
I got you.

One of my late night indulgences is Hookah Beats on fourth
and St. John in San Jose, Ca. They have a variety of awesome Hookah
flavors to try and the music is set to where you can still socialize and dance
on the floor with ease. Instead of getting drunk and smoking a bunch of
smelly cigarettes you can enjoy some mango vanilla smoke instead. or
you can just dance away whatever floats your boat but one things for sure
you will have a good time. They don't sell liquor but they have plenty of
refreshments and snacks so slide thru try it out or not… LOVE PEACE

Hookah Beats
115 N 4th Street, Suite 115
San Jose, CA 95112

1217 Wildwood Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089!location/csxp

Two Great Places To Eat In San Jose California, Fogo De Chao and Veggie Grill

By. Amero
After reading the headline you should be overjoyed and salivating at the
opportunity to hang out with ‘the kid’. I'm like the jolliest person in the world
except for Santa. I'm going to take you for a spin today and San Jose is our
stomping ground for some good eats. If you have read any of my blogs
you know by now that I'm all over the place. My thoughts are sporadic and
my actions even more spontaneous. As always I'm more than prepared
to entertain you on this trip. I have planned two options for us to go eat at
since i really don't know what you like, but these restaurants are sure to

The first place is called Fogo De Chao which is a Brazilian steakhouse
renowned for its gaucho style of preparing meat originating in Porto Alegre,
Brazil. I don't know where to start. Ok I lied. I do know where and that's the
gourmet salad bar which is absolutely amazing and a total setup. From
Smoked Salmon to Prosciutto and Italian Salami. Artichoke Hearts, Jumbo
Asparagus and many signature cheeses. Please don't be dumb like me on
my first time here and get blinded by the amazing variety of the salad bar
and load up a ridiculously large plate of fresh and tasty treats because you
haven't even tasted any of the 16 cuts of meat that will be bestowed upon
your table for you. The table side service in which you use tongs to grab
choice cuts of meat literally off the skewer adds to the ambiance of the
restaurant. Fogo has bacon wrapped Fillet Mignon, Beef Ancho or Rib-Eye
they also have Cordeiro or lamb and also chicken and pork. The signature
or my favorite of all was the Picanha which is a portrait worthy cut of Sirloin.
The marbling of the meat is exemplary and don't come with your ‘WELL
DONE’ wishes because we won't be sitting together long if so! The flavor is
packed in every bite i can't say enough about how they make your tummy
happy. They boast an award winning wine list so if we have room for more
we can indulge. Fogo is great because they offer imported cheeses cured
meats and a fresh and delicious dessert menu. OK, so you're not into the
whole stuff yourself till you die movement.I get it. You are more eccentric
and chose to be more conservative with your lifestyle and your wallet.

Lets do Veggie Grill. Veggie Grill is a
healthy alternative to eating out that combines fresh vibrant flavors with
organic and gluten friendly ingredients. Veggie Grill takes pride in being a
sustainable practice business that goes above and beyond normal industry
requirements. I had the Buffalo wings and I really enjoyed them. My entree
was the Bombay Bowl and it was the BOMBAY!!! Fresh is my attitude and
the food here is fresh. I love this place because you leave out feeling better
 than you came in. The menu is large and there's something for everybody
including the kids (just don't tell them what it is).
Whether you wanna gorge and pillage or be thoughtful and conscious we
got two options. What's it going to be?

Fogo de Chão

377 Santana Row, Ste. 1090 San Jose, CA 95128
San Jose, CA 95128
Ph. 408.244.7001

The Veggie Grill

3055 Olin Avenue, Suite 1030
San Jose, CA 95128
Ph. 408.296.6473