Monday, September 6, 2010

In California Riding Hands Free Is The Law

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All of us know in California that riding and talking withe your cell phone in your hand is illegal. But did you know that you can be productive and have fun hands free. We here at Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.are professional drivers that deliver document small packages all over the state. We all use headset wired or blue tooth . We receive job info from our dispatchers along with road info so we can avoid traffic snarls.There are some cool software programs for smart phones that will read your Email , news flashes, sports scores through your earpiece . You can even listen to somebody texting to you and text back by speaking. You can do this with little distraction . Your eyes fixed to the road with out looking down at your phone. Voice calling has been around for a while now and is just getting better every day. I have a Black Berry. I use Vlingo. It works great.It looks like they have a version for the iPhone and Android. I use ito to hear and send text messages. Read E-Mail and searching the web.I also use It Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time. Both work well. Check them out and have fun.
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