Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strange Things On The Road.

When you drive for a living you see lots of strange things on the road. About a month ago I saw something that you might call a bad joke on Halloween. I was returning late from a job about 1:30am driving North on Highway 580...about 5 miles South of Tracy.
There was no one on the road except me, and, what I was barely able to see putt-putting in the right lane far ahead in the distance. As I quickly gained ground I saw what had to be one of those 40 to 50-year old VW buses, however this one was completely covered in white, sheet like fabric!
When I say completely covered I'm including head lights, tail lights and all the windows...except for part of the windshield and driver-side window. This was literally a slow rolling sheet-mobile covered in everything ghostly white except for four hub-capless tires, and going 40mph down a 70mph highway.My first instinct was to pass this thing and get far, far away...but as I finally caught up I saw something even more freaky.
The driver was heavily dressed in a white,hooded robe that covered every part of him/her...except for a pair of dark shadedglasses, partial nose and mouth. The hood covered the rest, and I though I was looking at the white grim reaper...or something!!!
As I sped ahead glancing back in the rear view mirror I was thinking mass murderer psychoterrorist, prankster, gangster, mobster, monster, radical or just someone really stupid!! As I was about to dial 911 for the California Highway Patrol, I quickly glanced at the rear view mirror and noticed bright red lights pulling something over...way back to the right.
The CHP came through....but who...or what did they stop--and what ever became of this? After a month of waiting for some news, I still haven't heard a peep about my mystery ghost roller in the night. But, I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Drive carefully.
"Best Wishes"--PTCJr

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