Monday, December 21, 2009



The Oakland Museum of California was established in 1969 as a museum for
the people, to tells the stories of California. Back then the main focus
was on art, history and natural sciences. Oakland museum is undergoing
renovation and transformation, the grand opening will be in May 2010.
With the new transformation Oakland Museum of California will also focus
on visitor participation, interpretive tools, interactive features, new
gathering spaces and program areas that will engage and encourage
visitors to share their perspectives questions and stories of California.
Oakland Museum of California has always had strong ties to the community,
so schools, scholars, local audiences and visitors will be welcome to
participate in events and activities and be part of California’s past,
present, and future. A local artists has already gave the Oakland Museum
of California a face lift with a new mural at the Oak Street Entry, this
mural is beautiful. If this is any indication of what the museum to be
like, Oakland Museum of California this is going to be something to see.
I can’t wait until it reopens.


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