Friday, July 3, 2009

Carjacking Scam

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Hello everyone,
I just received some valuable information from a close friend about a carjacking scam that we ALL need to avoid. Apparently it is happening all over the country, so listen up!
Say you're returning to your parked car, and just as you are ready to back up and leave you notice a piece of paper stuck to your back window...possibly obstructing your rear view. CAUTION!!!! Whatever you do...DON'T get out of the car to investigate!
Simply DRIVE ON...and check on the paper sticker somewhere down the road, or when you get home. Why??? Because the normal reaction is to shift back into park, unlock the doors, get out and walk to the rear window to check out the paper sticker, when suddenly.....SUPRISE!!!!!
Carjackers appear out of nowhere, blow past you and take off with your car! Even worse, chances are you left your wallet or purse inside with money, credit cards, id, house keys...the works!! All compromised in the 'blind of an eye'.
According to various police agencies, this is really going on be careful of the rear window paper sticker. Don't get out to check on it until SAFELY away. Take care and drive safely.
Sincerely, Peter C. Jr........

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