Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gilroy Carlic Festival 2013

Streetwise Radio Covers 2013 Gilroy Garlic Festival
Photos By Michael K. Ealey

My journey through the world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival.
Here you can eat garlic dishes from pepper steak ,scampi, alligator crab,garlic fries,garlic ice cream.
The list goes on and on. With music R&B,Jazz, Country, Reggae music. Art is for sale all on a hot summer day with the smell of garlic everywhere in beautiful Gilroy California.

                                Cars drive past group selling water to travelers coming into Gilroy.
                                                              Garlic Captol of the world.
This sign tells it all.Eat Drink Stink.
Referring to Gilroy Gar;ic Festival

                                                        The world famous Gourmet Ally.
                                              The flam up is garlic and calamari and scampi
                                               dishes being cooking. The smell was so good..

With all the good food going on music was every where.
Here people are dancing so they can eat more.

The John Garcia Band.
A great Blues band that had folks on there feet

My good neighbor Mr. Habbing 
getting the crowd going. It is here the the famous cook off were presented

How aboyt some exotic foods with garlic.
Cajun anyone?

BBQ Hmmmm. I love summer.

The folks that protect and serve.

The Garlic festival is a great people watching event.

Wait a minute I haven't drunk that munch .
No this just art for sale.

Pam & Pete Amputh Our pick for jewelry

Metal Souls
Specialize in original metal work

Aliens,Predators, C3PO oh my.
Start your collection today. 

Looking for Garlic Ice Cream

Let the Garlic Bowl Begin

Carlly Hall from ABC tv The Chew
moderrating the Garlic food cook offs.

Party Down!

Chains Required
R&B Band that Rocked the festival.

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