Wednesday, November 28, 2012

San Jose Number One Healthiest City for Women by Self Magazine

I was watching the Doctors television show the other day, and they had a segment on there about women. The publication Self Magazine released a list of the healthiest cities in America for women. San Jose California was the number one healthiest city for women. Self magazine found that 84% of the women in San Jose exercise and out of that 84% only 8% smoke. The women in San Jose eat more fruits and vegetables then the national average, which leads to a healthier life. There is one thing that impressed me about this study. Is that the average lifespan for a women living in San Jose is 84 years. This is three years longer than the national average. There are different kinds of activities you can do in San Jose to keep you in shape that are free. There are flash mobs around the city. In San Pedro Square they have the big Zuma fitness flash mob. If you have never attended a flash mob it is exciting. Hundreds of people get up the start moving. You can also go to the world's largest flea market in San Jose which 8 miles and 2000 vendors walking around the flea market will keep you in shape. You can also catch a flash mob dancing to be some Latin beat. There are a number of bike trails in San Jose. Coyote Creek trail is one like because it’s about a three and a half mile ride. Just enough to get your heart rate up and it goes all the way to Morgan Hill. Growing up in San Jose has been a terrific experience, because of how centrally located it is. You can go for a hike in the mountains of Yosemite or along the many beaches California has to offer. With these outdoor activities you can’t help but be fit. Women of San Jose California keep up the good work. I know I’m trying to do my part.


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