Monday, June 18, 2012

Alum Rock Park in San Jose Closed Due To High Fire Danger

Back in 1970s Alum Rock Park in San Jose California was the place to go for family fun. My family would have their reunions there. I used to love Alum Rock Park when I was a kid. I could not wait to go horseback riding and swimming. Alum Rock always had a lot people there during the summer time.

Alum Rock has been closed to cars and pedestrians due to the high fire danger. Officials say with the high temperatures and low humidity, it is a recipe for a wildfire. All over the state brush fires are happening, due to the hot and dry conditions. Last week in Brisbane, small brush fires were sparked last Monday. It is good that Alum Rock Park in San Jose is closed, because of the houses in the area. The people that live near Alum Rock Park are happy that it is closed. They don’t want what happened in the Oakland Hills in the 80s. If you never been to Alum Rock Park go up there when it’s open it is beautiful.

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