Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Map of Haiti with Port-au-Prince shownImage via Wikipedia

The country of Haiti has had serious challenges throughout it’s past and present. The years between 1791 through 1803 there was the Haitian Revolution, this was a violent time in Haiti’s history. In the 1900s, U.S.
Marines occupied Haiti from 1915 through 1934, another violent and bloody part of Haiti’s past. Haiti once was the richest colony in the New World, with the man made and natural disasters it is one of the poorest of the Caribbean. With this last earthquake on January 12, 2010 Port-au-Prince is in ruins, with the Hundreds of thousand of lives lost and millions of homeless is going to take years to rebuild Haiti. It’s going to take help from the international community, to help rebuild this poor country. We can all help by going www.redcross.org to find out what we can do to help this country to heal. If everyone donated 50 cents that would be a great start.






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