Monday, October 26, 2015

Mudslides and Flash flooding Are Damaging Southern California

LOS ANGELES (AP) — flash flooding in northern Los Angeles County has filled several roads with mud, stranding vehicles and blocking traffic on one of the state's main highways.

There is one disaster that I hope, I never have to experience in my life time that is mudslides and flash flooding. To see a wall of mud and water coming towards me out of nowhere, with such force would scare me to death. I was watching the news and they were showing the enormous mudslides and flash flooding on Interstate 5 known as the Grapevine, near the town of Castaic California which is in northern part of Los Angeles County. During the afternoon commute on October 15, 2015 hundreds of drivers were stranded a sudden on slot of rocks, mud and debris that poured onto the Interstate 5. At least 6 cars were swallowed up by mud, 4 drivers were stranded and 2 dogs. The authorities were checking cars buried for more victims of this massive mudslide. Interstate 5 five will be closed between Lancaster Freeway to Fort Tejon until the mud and debris is cleaned up. This is only the beginning if El Nino comes this winter like meteorologist are saying, we better get ready. Southern California as well as Northern California will be hit with more flash flooding and mudslides then we have ever seen before. With all the fires that burned thousands of acres this past summer, there is nothing keeping the earth from moving. It is going to be awful.


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