Sunday, April 14, 2013

Airship. Future Way to Get Heavy Cargo Transported.

I came across this article the other day about Aeros Corporation in Los Angeles they are developing the Airship. The Airship is supposed to be way of the future in moving and shipping heavy cargo for the military, possible firefighting, possible use in the public sector like UPS and a luxury way of transporting people. I thought this would be great because you would be able to move heavy cargo and people much cheaper because there using helium. What’s neat about this invention is it can hover, so there is no need to have any ground support. A prime example where this technology would have been much needed was in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina when the airports where flooded. It would have meant supplies would have gotten to the people much quicker. This technology would be great when disaster occur. The Airship is supposed to be able to carry 60 tons of cargo. Its size is 270 feet long, 100 feet tall, 75 feet wide and weighs 36,000 pounds. It has vertical take-off and landing at full maximum payload.  I think Aeros Corporation in Los Angeles has something that can change the future in the way cargo is transported. The one thing about this technology is there are going to be flaws in the system. I hope Aeros Corporation in Los Angeles puts the Airship to the test in all the situations and make it safe.

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