Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don’t Drive With Your Emergency Lights On In the Fog

You know what really scares me when I’m driving? Fog! I remember back in 1982. I was coming back from Los Angeles heading home to San Jose. It was about 10 p.m. when I left L.A. I was traveling on Highway 5. I noticed that the fog was rolling in, by the time I got to Bakersfield the fog was so thick you could not see an inch in front of you. Somehow I made my way to a gas station and parked and waited all night and until the late morning. I made sure the fog lifted before I got back on the road. Dan Hendrix of San Jose said “Recently while driving east on Interstate 205 through Tracy, the fog was very thick and traffic slowed to 35-40 mph. I'm pretty familiar with the rules for driving in fog (obviously, slow down, no brights, don't tailgate, etc.), but not this. Ahead we saw a car with its emergency flashers on. We thought the car was disabled, and what a terrible time and place to break down. But no. The car was traveling less than 30 mph in the fast lane, flashers on. Obviously traffic was forced to go around. Shortly after that we came upon another car doing the same thing, only fortunately in the slow lane. But again it gave the initial impression of a disabled vehicle. I'm aware of "wipers on, lights on" law. Is there a fog/flashers rule I'm not aware of?” I know I have seen drivers using their flasher to get out of rush hour traffic. They’re in the lane next to the carpool lane they put on their flashers like it’s an emergency just to get off the highway causing more congestion. Drivers who drive with their flashers on when it is not an emergency if caught will get a ticket. Drivers DON”T drive with your emergency lights on in the FOG you can cause an accident. If you ‘re afraid to drive in the fog DON”T!


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