Sunday, March 21, 2010


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Spring time is here, every ones out enjoying the weather after all the rain we had. San Jose Flea Market is one of my favorite place to go in San Jose when the weather is nice, I have been going to the San Jose Flea Market since I was five year old. Just about Forty five years later, I still get excited about going to San Jose Flea Market. When I was five, I like going just for the corn dogs, cotton candy and the carousel ride.
When I became a teen, I like going with my girl friends, so we could shop and meet boys. Now I strictly go to see what treasures I can find and oh!
the corn dogs of course their still delicious.

If you haven’t been in awhile or you never been, you must go and explore more than 8 miles of colorful alleys of shopping , enjoy the 25 restaurants and the dozen of snack carts. San Jose Flea Market has the largest Farmers Market in California. San Jose Flea Market has something for all ages. For the youngsters there is the old fashion carousel, three new play grounds. If your to old for the carousel or play ground there is a cool arcade.

San Jose Flea Market is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary on April 10-11. The San Jose Flea Market is a San Jose institution, it is located at 1520 Berryessa Road in San Jose California 95133. The Flea Market San Jose Flea Market, The Worlds Largest Flea Market. Go and enjoy.


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